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Who we are

Parkers mobile clinic

Parkers mobile clinic is a health social enterprise which provide Community based  Healthcare services at the doorstep of Elderly, disabled, chronically ill and other vulnerables living in South East, Nigeria. It was founded in 2019


How our sevice works


We are solving the problem of poor accessibility of basic healthcare services and emergency health services among Elderly, socially marginalized, vulnerables, disabled, chronically ill and people living in rural areas. Over 80% of these target group in Southern Nigeria do not  have good access to basic healthcare services. 



Innovative, Affordable, and Accessible

Intensive care

Our service is dedicated to enhancing healthcare access by delivering services to the doorstep of vulnerables such as elderly, chronically ill, and poor populations in remote areas in Nigeria

Specialised Support

Use of community-contributory health insurance system integrated into a USSD tech for easy access by target beneficiaries.


Provision of comprehensive and accessible health information to vulnerable populations, including marginalised groups and underserved communities

Financials ($ in USD)

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Medical Care 24/7

With access to 24 hour emergency assistance, It’s so important you can continue to help others.

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With access to 24 hour emergency assistance

Past Projects

  1. Commonwealth youth council grant for covid-19 health intervention in 2020.
  2. Piloting of home based healthcare services for vulnerable population in 2019.
  3. Partnership with Global Youth Mobilization fund for strengthening covid-19 vaccination campaign in Nigeria

Current Projects

Exceeding Your Expectations


We utilizes community outreach, website, social media platforms, and online support groups as its  solution and platform for addressing kidney failure. It encompasses community awareness campaigns, early detection screenings, preventive measures, and comprehensive treatment options.  The program aims to preserve renal function, enhance quality of life, and reduce the burden of kidney disease using accessible online resources and interactive support groups.

2.Partnership with Vitamin Angels since 2021 for strengthening micronutrient and Albendazole delivery for pregnant women and children in hard-to-reach areas of Anambra state.

3. Partnership with Family Empowerment Media since 2022 for increasing access to family planning education for couples in Southeast and South-South Nigeria.

4. Project Last Mile Innovator program for strengthening family planning supply chain system.

5. Low-cost health delivery model and USSD enabled health insurance models.

6 . Partnership with MYBELLE, a maternal and child health APP for implementation in South-East Nigeria


1. Goethe Institute Ayada lab Award – 2019.
2. Commonwealth Youth Council COVID-19 grant award – 2020.
3. Bechangemaker Africa finalist – 2021
4. Active Citizen Award Finalist (Health Category) – 2022
5. We Together Prize Award finalist – 2022

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Parkers mobile clinic operates as a not-for-profit entity, channeling 100% of revenue back into community helath initiatives, solidifying our commitment to a positive and lasting social impact